March 08, 2013

Signal House, Acton

This is a London Underground property, home to Signals and Power projects teams. I am always impressed with the display of foliage outside the 1930s building. Its a reminder of a bygone age - makes me think of Reggie Perrin and Sunshine Desserts! 

January 24, 2013

In The Shadow Of the Shard

Had a little nose around the London Bridge area - took these pictures as I don't think much of this is going to survive the gentrification
this way to wonderland
dress shop

well dressed dummies

all the important shops are here

London Bridge Station itself is in a state of massive change


St Magnus the Martyr's Church

Nestled between brutal looking office blocks - there's this rather lovely church by Wren.

It houses the only tree in this whole area

Then I took a walk around the back - there was a small garden and seating area, next to the Thames

 Tower Bridge is nearby
Then I just had a little poke around

oranges & lemon

Channel 4

shard reflected
Shard across the river

December 21, 2012

Christmas in Welling

In previous years there have been lurid displays of ostentatious energy wastage in the form of  Xmas light displays that could be photographed from space. This year - I saw none. This is one of the sad realities of living in post peak-oil times. However, inflatables seem to be holding their own....air is cheap!!

this is peculiar by anyone's standards. Wonder why they're hiding from each other? Did things go to far at the North Pole Xmas party?

Santa has a motorbike and has managed to nick a penguin from the south pole. What he needs these badly rendered reindeer for is anyone's guess.

since Tesco arrived on Welling High Street it's been looking increasingly bad for Mr Stickers

December 15, 2012

Olympic Legacy: doggy style

I finally discovered something positive that has come out of the Olympics. These dogs guard an entrance into Victoria Park, Hackney. I first saw them in 2004, and photographed them.

This is what they looked like when I first saw them in 2004:

I don't understand why billions of pounds of Olympics money was required to get simple stuff like this done, but nevertheless, pleased that these have been restored. However, whether there is provision to prevent their decline in the coming decades, I very much doubt. Let's hope we get another Olympics just in time to save them again....